Introducing the Fresh Produce Importers Association

Introducing the Fresh Produce Importers Association

The Fresh Produce Importers Association (FPIA) aims to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the South African import sector. It will consider matters related to imports of fresh fruit and vegetables with due consideration of the recommendation and resolutions of the forum it constitutes and pass resolutions with due consideration of the interests of the fresh produce industry as a whole. It will provide an effective mechanism to engage with regulatory authorities in a coordinated and informed manner.

FPIA structure:

The FPIA is an Article 21 company and has a Board of Directors to oversee the financial and general management of the Association. A general manager is responsible management of the day to day operations, finances and communication and coordination of FPIA priorities and projects, both facilitating internal processes as well as engagements with governmental regulatory services such as the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF).

The FPIA members are divided into focus groups namely (1) Bananas, (2) Citrus Fruit, (3) Deciduous Fruit and Table Grapes, (4) Subtropical Fruit and Nuts, (5) Other Fruit and Berries, (6) Vegetables (7) Fruit for Processing and (8) Plant Propagation Material. Focus groups were established to organize Members with similar interests and priorities to ensure effective and efficient prioritization and communication.

FPIA services:

Internal communication and coordination as well as technical support and engagement as far as
regulatory issues are concerned is facilitated by the office of the FPIA General Manager.

Registered Members enjoy the following services:

  • Access to updated information relating to multilateral and bilateral agreements affecting trade with South Africa
  • Access to updated information relating to new and amended plant health and food safety
    legislation, regulations, control measures and national standards that affects import of fresh produce
  • Access to specific information on pest issues which may have an influence on imports.
  • Access to an updated list of cleared products for importation.
  • Assistance with import permit applications of cleared products.
  • Participation and inputs in the revision of existing import conditions via the office of the General Manager.
  • Technical assistance with existing imports to ensure that export certification complies with SA import requirements and to improve effectiveness and efficiency of the import process.
  • Technical assistance with interceptions of imported consignments and management of problems causing interceptions.
  • Technical representation and coordinated pursuance of Members' import priorities and
    supported by technical recommendations at various regulatory forums to pursue FPIA priorities.
  • Timely development of import conditions for new imports through approved PRA outsourcing.
  • Technical representation and coordinated pursuance of Members' new import priorities
    and supported by technical recommendations to regulatory authorities.
  • Coordinated engagements with the SA National Plant Protection Contact Point (DAFF) to expedite the progress of international communication relating to new imports.
  • Presentation of trade priorities and technical information to Embassies of exporting countries to support new market access initiatives.

Please note the confidentiality clause in the Articles of the FPIA.

FPIA membership fees and registration:

Normal membership fees amount to an annual membership fee of R20 000 for 2021. In addition, a 9c/ kg levy, to the maximum of R120 000, is calculated based on the import volumes for 2020 import season.

Retail Membership fees is set and amounts to R120 000 per annum (payable at R10 000 per month).

Associated Membership fees amounts is set and amount to an annual membership fee of R20 000 for 2021.

Contact details:

Marianna Theyse
General Manager
Fresh Produce Importers Association of South Africa (FPIA)
Office: +27 12 667 1871
Mobile: +27 82 821 5404

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Postnet Suite 21 | Privatebag X32 | Highveld Park | 0062

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