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Update on quality inspections for fresh produce imports

The Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD) issued a Notice on 27 May 2016 to regulate quality inspections on imported products:


The regulation requires that:

(a) each consignment of the regulated agricultural products imported for sale in the Republic of South Africa from the ports of entry specified has been inspected, graded, sampled for quality control

(b) there is written permission for the removal of a particular quantity of such product has been granted by the Executive Officer

(c) an application for the removal of a consignment of imported regulated agricultural products from  a port of entry in terms of sections 4A(1)(b) and (2) of the Act

The proposed regulations will be promulgated under the Agricultural Product Standards Act (ACT 119 of 1990) and applies to all products for human consumption and intended for sale in South Africa, both locally produced and imported.  Imported products will be subject to international treaties and commitments protecting geographical indications and designations of origin.

Following the prohibition, DALRRD proceeded to appoint various assignees to execute the inspections on the various product types.  PROKON has been appointed as the assignee that will be responsible for quality inspections on imported and locally produced fresh produce intended for sale on the local market. Notice 1 of 2017 contains the inspection fees imposed by the Act for specified categories of fresh produce.

Imported product will be inspected against CODEX standards.  Where no CODEX standard exists, the DALRRD local market standard will apply.







CXS 330-2018

Standard for Aubergines

CXS 326-2017

Standard for Black, White and Green Peppers

CXS 317-2014

Standard for Durian

CXS 316-2014

Standard for Passion Fruit

CXS 318-2014

Standard for Okra   

CXS 310-2013

Standard for Pomegranate

CXS 307-2011

Standard for Chilli Peppers

CXS 299-2010

Standard for Apples

CXS 293-2008

Standard for Tomatoes

CXS 255-2007

Standard for Table Grapes

CXS 246-2005

Standard for Rambutan    

CXS 245-2004

Standard for Oranges

CXS 237-2003

Standard for Pitahayas

CXS 226-2001

Standard for Cape Gooseberry   

CXS 225-2001

Standard for Asparagus

CXS 219-1999

Standard for Grapefruits

CXS 213-1999

Standard for Limes

CXS 214-1999

Standard for Pummelos    

CXS 215-1999

Standard for Guavas  

CXS 217-1999

Standard for Mexican Limes     

CXS 218-1999

Standard for Ginger     

CXS 220-1999

Standard for Longans

CXS 204-1997

Standard for Mangosteens

CXS 205-1997

Standard for Bananas

CXS 200 -1995

Standard for Peanuts

CXS 197-1995

Standard for Avocado

CXS 196-1995

Standard for Litchi

CXS 188-1993

Standard for Baby Corn

CXS 186-1993

Standard for Prickly Pear

CXS 184-1993

Standard for Mangoes

CXS 183-1993

Standard for Papaya

CXS 182-1993

Standard for Pineapples

CXS 143-1985

Standard for Dates

CXS 66-1981

Standard for Table Olives

Notice 1269 of 04 October 2019 prohibits the removal of imported product from specified ports of entry or any other place determined by the Executive Officer.

EXEMPTIONS: The prohibition notice makes provision for exemptions, please note specifically section 2 (b) ‘’Products intended for use in the manufacture of another product or for the purpose of further processing or repackaging’’, and section 2 (c) ‘’Individual products that have established a history of compliance based on the inspection frequency as determined by the Executive Officer’’, and section 2 (d) ‘’ Products in transit to a neighbouring country: Provided that the accompanying documentation shall clearly reflect the name of the destination country’’

On 04 October 2019 DALRRD issued an amendment Notice to specify the ports of entry

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